Vitalik Buterin Says More Needs To Be Done To Improve Ethereum’s (ETH) User Experience


Vitalik Buterin thinks the Ethereum (ETH) user experience (UX) still needs to improve significantly, especially regarding transaction inclusion.

The Ethereum creator says in a new blog that “simple and robust” user interfaces (UI) are preferable to “fancy and sleek ones.”

“Good user experience is not about the average case, it is about the worst case. A UI that is clean and sleek, but does some weird and unexplainable thing 0.723% of the time that causes big problems, is worse than a UI that exposes more gritty details to the user but at least makes it easier to understand what’s going on and fix any problem that does arise.”

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Buterin says high transaction fees and an imperfect user experience encourage Ethereum users to choose centralized solutions over on-chain, decentralized methods.

“User experience has made great strides over the years – in particular, going from an average transaction taking minutes to get included before EIP-1559 to an average transaction taking seconds to get included after EIP-1559 and the merge, has been a night-and-day change to how pleasant it is to use Ethereum. But more still needs to be done.”

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