This Year, Bitcoin and Ethereum Fare Better Than Gold


Key Points

  • In 2023, gold has not done as well as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), with BTC up 93% and ETH up 39% compared to gold.
  • The recent 30%+ price increase in bitcoin has been partially ascribed to encouraging developments regarding Bitcoin ETFs that are pending SEC approval.
  • When measured against more conventional assets such as bonds and stocks, the value of BTC and ETH has declined less sharply and has performed better.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have substantially surpassed gold this year, challenging traditional concepts of market security.

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Bitcoin, the first digital asset, has skyrocketed, gaining 93% in value against gold. Ethereum follows suit, gaining 39% in the same precious metal terms.


Their performance, particularly in this period of global uncertainty, sends a strong message to traditional investors about the changing environment of wealth storage and the possibilities of digital assets.

Unrivaled Resilience in Digital Safe Havens

When we evaluate the trajectory of Bitcoin and Ethereum, we must recognize the immensity of their rise, especially when compared to such a time-honored benchmark as gold.

Bitcoin has risen by more than 30% in recent weeks, spurred in part by the anticipation around numerous Bitcoin ETF proposals awaiting SEC approval.


This positive optimism extends across the digital asset spectrum, in stark contrast to commodities’ slow advances and, at times, abrupt falls.

Bitcoin’s valuation surge is not a one-way street; Ethereum is following suit, albeit at a slower pace. However, it is important to remember that Ethereum’s valuation has been declining when compared to Bitcoin for a long time, over 470 days and counting.

The ETH/BTC ratio mimics trends observed in mid-2022, once again approaching the 0.052 mark, demonstrating that Bitcoin has firmly maintained its dominance in the crypto realm.

Investor Confidence Tides

Looking at Ethereum’s price models, we see that the current trading price of $1,800 is 22% higher than the Realized Price.

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This Realized Price, which displays the average cost basis of all coins based on their most recent transaction, indicates that Ethereum holders are profiting, albeit little.

Although the crescendos of bull market exuberance remain distant echoes, it’s a welcome note in the symphony of market dynamics. The MVRV Ratio, which compares current price to realized price, can also be used to monitor the ebb and flow of investor sentiment.

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The MVRV Ratio’s comparison to its 180-day moving average acts as a pulse check on market momentum. While Ethereum has had a favorable year-to-date performance, this signal suggests that the market is still recovering from the bear grip of the previous year.

Bitcoin’s Clout vs. Altseason Fervor

When we broaden our scope to include the entire altcoin market, we see a considerable increase in valuation, with a noticeable 21.3% increase.

This surge in the altcoin market highlights a cascading effect, in which an increase in Bitcoin dominance frequently causes altcoin valuations to climb in fiat currency terms.

However, Bitcoin’s growing dominance overshadows this expansion, as it now controls more than 53% of the digital asset market worth. Since a cyclical low of 38% in late 2022, Bitcoin’s dominance has steadily increased.

By comparing Bitcoin’s year-to-date growth to that of the altcoin market, we uncover a compelling story: Bitcoin’s market cap has increased by 110%, much outshining altcoins, which increased by a commendable but fairly minor 37%.

This portrays a nuanced image of a market in which altcoins triumph over fiat and traditional assets such as gold while remaining in the shadow of Bitcoin’s looming dominance.

Market Dynamics: Perspectives

In 2023, the digital asset domain has certainly entered an upward trend, with market giants Bitcoin and Ethereum weathering market storms with considerable fortitude.


This newfound sturdiness reflects a robust basis of investor support and a good cash influx.

The altcoin market has seen its first significant valuation jump since the previous cycle’s apex, thanks to our developing Altcoin Indicator and strong market sentiment. However, it is critical to situate this performance within the context of the digital asset ecosystem.

Bitcoin, the unstoppable force, continues its ascent, leaving a significant impact on the altcoin sector and demonstrating a dynamic in which, despite altcoin gains, they significantly trail Bitcoin’s historic surge.

In light of these events, it is becoming evident that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not only surpassing traditional safe-haven assets such as gold, but are also altering the fundamental fabric of investment strategy and market supremacy in the digital age.

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