The UK Delays Stablecoin Feedback Deadline to Ensure Comprehensive Crypto Regulation


The UK has made a calculated decision by extending the time frame for comments on the Bank of England’s (BOE) discussion paper on stablecoin regulation. The deadline has been extended, moving from February 6 to February 12. This is a part of a larger effort to create a thorough regulatory framework for cryptocurrency assets.

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The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) associated discussion paper has not extended, but this shows that the UK is committed to inclusive and rigorous regulatory procedures for the developing cryptocurrency market.

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Prolonging the Feedback Timeline: A Move Toward Inclusive Regulatory Measures

The BOE’s discussion paper has extended its comment period, indicating that the UK recognizes the value of stakeholder participation in forming regulations pertaining to cryptoassets. In order to ensure that the regulatory framework is thorough and sensitive to the complexities of the industry, the BOE intends to gather diverse perspectives by extending the time for feedback. In order to create a fair and well-informed regulatory environment, the strategy goes beyond simply enacting laws and instead involves encouraging communication between the financial industry and regulatory organizations.


The discussion paper from the BOE focuses on the possible effects of integrating a retail-oriented stablecoin with sterling backing into the UK’s payment systems. It covers important topics like wallet provider requirements, transfer functions, and the main objective of preserving the security and stability of the financial system. The emphasis highlights the central bank’s dedication to making sure that the security and effectiveness of the financial system are not jeopardized by the incorporation of new technologies.


However, the FCA’s discussion paper adopts a more comprehensive stance, looking at a range of stablecoin use cases outside of just payment systems. It explores stablecoin backing, custodianship, reporting, auditing, and prudential requirements. “Same risk, same regulator outcome,” a cornerstone of the FCA’s strategy, promotes a regulatory framework in which conventional financial services and cryptoassets subject to comparable risks are subject to comparable standards. Along with custodianship regulation, there are hints of possible extra BOE requirements in relation to off-chain transactions, AML, and know-your-customer (KYC) procedures for unhosted wallets.

Feedback from the Industry: Striking a Balance Between Innovation and Regulatory Compliance

Although organizations such as the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) actively participated in the consultation process, the industry’s reaction to the UK’s proposals regarding cryptocurrencies has been mixed. James Kemp, managing director of technology and operations at AFME, views the regulatory proposals from the UK as a step in the right direction. Kemp, however, stresses the necessity of maintaining uniformity in the regulatory handling of securities tokens, arguing that in order to guarantee market functionality, they should be treated as securities at all stages of their existence.


The comments from AFME underscore the industry’s demand for a regulatory strategy that not only recognizes the special characteristics of cryptoassets but also ties them into the frameworks of already-existing financial regulations. Furthermore, AFME recommends exercising caution when implementing the proposed regulations on stablecoins issued abroad and instead taking a wait-and-see approach until international frameworks and markets have more developed. The viewpoint is consistent with the industry’s broader understanding of the need for international cooperation in the regulation of cryptoassets in order to avoid market fragmentation and create fair competition.

Aiming for Worldwide Cooperation and Thorough Regulatory Frameworks

The UK’s move to extend the stablecoin discussion paper’s feedback deadline is indicative of a strategic approach to cryptocurrency regulation that places an emphasis on inclusiveness, international consideration, and thoroughness.

The right mix of innovation and regulation is still a key priority as the nation develops its regulatory framework for digital assets. The feedback provided by industry participants such as AFME emphasizes the need for a regulatory framework that not only tackles the particular difficulties presented by crypto-assets but also aligns with worldwide regulatory patterns.


With the deadline of February 12 drawing near, the FCA and BOE will be inundated with a plethora of industry insights. These contributions will have a significant impact on how the UK regulates cryptocurrencies, with the goal of creating a setting that is safe, effective, and encouraging of innovation. Though the path to comprehensive crypto regulation is long and winding, the UK’s deliberate and inclusive approach serves as a model for other regulatory bodies across the globe, emphasizing the value of communication, flexibility, and cross-border collaboration in navigating the rapidly changing landscape of crypto-assets.CRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!

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