The UAE Has Officially Discontinued the Use of the U.S. Dollar in Oil Trades

  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has moved its oil trades away from the US currency and toward local currencies.
  • This decision is consistent with the BRICS economic alliance’s broader de-dollarization efforts, which the UAE recently joined.
  • The UAE’s decision could have a substantial influence on the US dollar’s supremacy in the global oil market.

The global financial environment is changing dramatically as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) abandons the US dollar in its oil trade transactions.

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This strategic shift corresponds with the broader goals of the BRICS economic bloc, to which the UAE is a new member.

The switch to local currencies for oil transactions is a substantial break from the long-established dollar supremacy in the global oil market.


The Influence of the BRICS and the UAE’s Strategic Shift

The BRICS group, which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, has lately grown to include the UAE, as well as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and Argentina.

This growth reflects a growing trend among these countries toward de-dollarization, a move that undermines the US dollar’s longstanding primacy in international trade.

The UAE’s decision to prefer local money over the US dollar in future oil transactions reflects this view clearly. This is more than a policy adjustment; it is a strategic move in the complicated chess game of global economics.


By forming alliances with the BRICS countries, the UAE not only diversifies its economic partnerships but also strengthens its position as a global oil giant.

This move has the potential to reshuffle the deck in the worldwide oil trade, affecting the dollar’s dominance and ushering in a new age of currency dynamics in oil transactions.

The Beginning of a New Era in Global Oil Trade

The UAE’s proactive hunt for new oil trade partners demonstrates the country’s agility and insight in navigating the changing economic landscape. This move’s significance cannot be emphasized.


It is not simply a matter of changing currencies; it is a matter of transforming the whole fabric of international oil trading. The possible impact on the US currency might be significant, signaling a shift in the global economic power balance.

According to reports, the UAE is looking into potential oil and gas partnerships with up to 15 nations, including heavyweights like China, Russia, and Egypt, all of which are members of the BRICS alliance and supporters of de-dollarization.

This isn’t simply about diversifying trade; it’s about making a worldwide message. The UAE is not only following, but also starting a trend.

The UAE’s decision to accept local currency in oil trades is not a unique event. It is part of a bigger story in which nations are increasingly challenging the current quo and looking for alternatives that would better suit their economic interests.

This trend toward de-dollarization, particularly in critical areas such as oil, might usher in a new age in global economics, one in which currency diversity in trade becomes the norm rather than the exception.

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Bottom line, the UAE’s decision to shift its oil trades from US dollars to local currencies is a bold and strategic move that reflects the shifting dynamics of the global economic landscape.

This move, spurred by the BRICS alliance’s greater objectives, could have far-reaching ramifications for the US dollar’s supremacy in international trade.

As it forges new alliances and navigates this shifting landscape, the UAE positions itself not just as a vital player in the oil market, but also as a pathfinder in the transition to a more diverse and dynamic global economy.CRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!

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