Tactics Used by Scammers to Extract $58M through Google and Twitter Ads

  • ScamSniffer discovered that a Wallet Drainer hack has been tricking users by using 𝕏 adverts.
  • The security company said that months have passed since the exploit was created.
  • Learn how to avoid being a victim of this exploit.

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Cybercriminals and con artists continue to target the cryptocurrency market in search of gullible people. Their strategies are always changing, taking on new and advanced forms that make the cautious strategies of the past outdated.


In keeping with this pattern, there have been claims of a new exploit known as “Wallet Drainer” that was able to effectively steal millions over nine months, impacting over 60,000 victims, by using Google searches and 𝕏 (Formerly Twitter) advertisements.

Hackers Workaround X Systems and Google

Prominent Web3 security platform ScamSniffer revealed on 𝕏 on Thursday that a Wallet Drainer malware has been circulating for more than nine months, stealing almost $58 million from 63,000 victims.

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When the malware was first discovered in March, ScamSniffer connected it to numerous phishing schemes and 𝕏 advertisements, which came in a variety of formats, including “Ordinals Bubbles.” The security company revealed that in order to avoid ad audits and make it more difficult for Google and 𝕏 to identify their fraudulent advertising, scammers used page-switching and geographical targeting strategies.

More than 10,000 sites were linked to the same wallet drainer, according to ScamSniffer, with May, June, and November seeing the highest activity.


Because scams are becoming more sophisticated, it is imperative that consumers take the appropriate safety measures and become more watchful.

Tips for Avoiding Online Fraud

Scammers may have eluded 𝕏 and Google’s inspection procedure, but a skilled eye can quickly spot and weed them out. The following advice can greatly improve your security against possible hacks:

  • Seek for discrepancies. Scammers usually don’t even try to make their adverts look good.
  • It’s probably not true if it seems too wonderful to be true.
  • Store your recovery phrase in a discreet location to protect it.
  • Verify emails, webpages, and links twice. Any link should not be clicked unless it comes from a reputable source. Look for warnings and red flags and discuss the matter with other users if the verified source has been compromised.
  • Before making any permanent changes, double-check and scan all addresses, including sender, contract, and others.
  • As soon as you notice any questionable activity, report it to the relevant departments.
  • Install extra security measures, such two-factor authentication.
  • Research is always important.

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Even if Google and 𝕏 have increased the bar for cryptocurrency frauds and advertisements, dishonest people are still managing to evade their notice and prey on gullible people. Nowadays, scammers use advertising as a vital tool to more efficiently target victims. Ad networks must tighten their controls, and consumers must approach advertisements with caution.

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