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KHAUNDA℠ : The Microblogger Developed For Crypto Dwellers


KHAUNDA℠ is a decentralized social media platform created as a unapologetic, permissionless platform . KHAUNDA challenges the crypto community to not be influenced by manipulative whale propaganda. The KHAUNDA ℠ token has not yet been deployed, but when it is minted the initial tokens will reflect an YTD deflationary incentive in the smart contracts.

KHAUNDA’s creation was inspired to spur a movement of appreciable ideals and also to counter the potential of Web3 development at risk of being supplanted by a centralization of power, politics and narrow commercial interests for the few, not the many.

The big name previous naysayers (wallstreet, parliaments) including the White House and 10 Downing Street are now embracing the crypto momentum they could not stop. If crypto advocates and practitioners do not remain vigilant, the same fiat kings and queens will transpose, circumvent and redirect the evolution inertia now transforming mediums of exchange. Those commerce powerhouses have need to funnel the summated strategic vortex of commerce to the same top ten-percenters who for generations have benefited from the structurally forged mechanics of fiat currencies globally.

One of the main attractions to crypto is the opportunity for the small guy to close the wealth-gap through savvy market strategies coupled with the low barriers to participate. The stock markets are biased to angel investors and other filters that keep the less financially endowed from participating.

Legacy social platform behemoths such as Facebook and Twitter have benefited from years of subscriber supplied, free content, allowing them to grow from hefty residuals. These huge profits are derived from self-generated, cost-free curated content. At present those social media oligarchs are positioned to step in with huge globally harvested databases filled with metadata extracted from their subscribers enabling them to manipulate web3 developments (metaverse).

KHAUNDA℠ offers itself as the people’s platform from inception. When the KHAUNDA℠ token is deployed the subscriber governance will be coded into the smart contract. Who’s allowed, what is allowed, and other allowances will be decided by the KHAUNDA℠ user base, not manipulated by billionaire whales.

The logo and mascot of KHAUNDA℠ is the elephant which “blows” through a powerful trunk. Elephants of course do not “tweet”.

Again, KHAUNDA℠ is in its infancy just as the crypto evolution/revolution.

Join, form groups and make KHAUNDA℠ the platform developed for crypto dwellers, by crypto dwellers. Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and others have hedged their bet that crypto communities around the world have no other choice but to remain captors fueling their empires. Elon Musk has even sought to buy Twitter for political and financial manipulation. KHAUNDA challenges that caesarism mindset!

Just as decentralization mandates that individuals take their financial life in their own hands to reap better rewards that banks are not structured to give bank customers, a paradigm challenge faces KHAUNDA℠ users. The time has come to show the top 10% of the fiat governance the crypto community will not remain corralled into the present day business as usual mentality.

Bitcoin and its subsequent cryptocurrency derivative principles demand a 180-degree severance from the monopolistic tenets of fiat for mediums of exchange. Legacy social media platforms now face crypto community social square re-alignments. Twitter, Facebook and other social media meta data harvesters have morphed into a culture of self-proclaimed human behavior science demigods just as the fiat kings and queens have crowned themselves.

Twitter, Facebook and other social media meta data harvesters have taken the posture that the global crypto community social square owes them some kind of value-less allegiance.

While wallstreet and the big central banks bashed crypto currency they were amassing large stakes in DeFi, coins, tokens, metaverse and other crypto concepts. Don’t continue to be led by misleading and calculating tweets and beeps on legacy social media platforms.

KHAUNDA℠ is part of a movement, NOT A MOMENT!

Contribute to KHAUNDA with any amount of Bitcoin by pasting our unstoppable domain villagewest.crypto in your wallet and sending. We need your support to develop KHAUNDA as a viable platform.

CryptoCaster’s mission is to keep a finger on the pulse of the transition, adoption, and evolution in the medium of exchange paradigm shift. As world governments grapple with the inevitable change taking place to opt away from captivity of the legacy fiat system, the CryptoCaster team remains steadfast in bringing our readers front row information.
The gravity and inertia of decentralized, permissionless blockchains threatens the top 10% beneficiaries of the current system of wealth distribution. Our team of sentinels operates to cover and uncover agendas that pertain to markets, asset classes and scams threatening crypto ecosystems.
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