India and Russia Abandon the US Dollar in a $40B Trading Agreement

  • India and Russia made a $40 billion trade agreement without utilizing the US dollar, instead using their own currencies.
  • This action represents a turn away from the dollar in international trade and represents a historic high in trade between India and Russia.
  • The agreement is a component of the BRICS alliance’s plan to lessen the influence of the West in the world economy.

Forging forward, using their domestic currencies in transacting $40 billion worth of trade, India and Russia have made a paradigm shift that signals a shift in the dynamics of global trade. This enormous trade volume, reached in just three quarters of 2023, is a turning point in the history of economic cooperation between these two BRICS countries and reflects a growing trend away from the dollar.

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BRICS alliance in action

The BRICS alliance has made significant progress this year, both in terms of membership expansion and economic strategy revision. The successful de-dollarization efforts of the alliance are demonstrated by the unprecedented trade numbers between Russia and India. In addition to strengthening these countries’ economic sovereignty, the choice to trade in local currencies has put the dollar’s long-standing dominance in international markets under pressure.

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Russia has acquired a strong trading partner in India as a result of its expanding import restrictions. This extraordinary volume of trade has been fueled by the synergy between Indian markets and Russian products. Russia is increasing its exports to India, and the two countries’ combined commercial activity has exceeded 3.5 trillion rubles, a significant indicator of their developing economic independence from other industrialized countries.

BRICS future is reshaping relationships

Russia and India’s recent trade agreements are more than just a case of bilateral success; they also demonstrate how the BRICS alliance is evolving. Their economic manuevering is a testament to the bloc’s expanding might and resolve to challenge Western predominance in international trade. This effect is expected to be amplified even more with the addition of five new nations to the alliance, resulting in a more robust and varied economic front.


The stage is prepared for even more vigorous economic activity, maybe involving the new member nations, as the alliance gets ready for 2024. This expansion aims to strengthen the alliance by bringing in new ideas and opportunities and open the door for a more multipolar global order. It is not only about increasing its size. The trade model between India and Russia, which embodies the BRICS de-dollarization approach, is expected to spur other member nations to take comparable actions, upending long-standing conventions in international commerce.


The $40 billion trade agreement between Russia and India is, in essence, a historic accomplishment with significance that extends well beyond their boundaries. In the field of global economics, it’s a daring declaration that emphasizes the value of local currencies in cross-border trade and suggests a slow move away from reliance on the dollar. As time goes on, this tendency has the potential to transform how countries participate in and thrive in the international economy, rather than only being a minor rippling effect on the economy. India and Russia are leading the way in this fascinating new chapter that goes beyond trade and rewrites the laws of economic engagement.

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