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Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Supports Regulators in Cracking Down on Illegal Exchanges

  • Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee has backed regulators in their efforts to crack down on unregulated exchanges in the country.
  • Proactive measures and ongoing challenges

Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to cooperate with regulators, highlighting the critical need for expanded authorities to combat the rising issue of unlicensed cryptocurrency exchanges. This announcement follows an inquiry into Hounax, an unregulated virtual asset trading website accused of scamming many people, with claimed losses exceeding HK$148 million ($19 million) from 145 people thus far.


The Hong Kong Chief Executive emphasizes the importance of consumer protection.

Lee emphasized the necessity of government oversight in protecting Hong Kong investors and combating the growth of unauthorized platforms. The Hounax case is similar to a previous incident with JPEX, in which six people were arrested in September following a rise of over a thousand complaints totaling $128 million. The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) discovered that JPEX was operating without a license, sparking calls for stricter licensing regulations. The Hong Kong SFC took aggressive actions in reaction to the Hounax controversy by posting a list of regulated virtual asset trading platforms.

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The goal is to provide investors with enough information to make informed selections about which crypto platforms to use. However, the SFC explicitly admitted its existing restriction, noting that it lacks the jurisdiction to shut down unregistered crypto exchanges, raising concerns about investor protection. The Hounax crisis worsened on November 1 when the platform was added on the SFC’s alert list. Doreen Kong, a politician, chastised authorities for what she saw as an inadequate response.


Simply putting the platform on an alert list, according to Kong, was insufficient. She stated that more proactive measures, such as limiting public access to the site, were required to protect naive investors from future harm. These cases involving Hounax and JPEX highlight the enormous hurdles that regulators have in dealing with fraudulent activity in the cryptocurrency field. The growing number of victims and significant financial losses highlight the importance of strengthened regulatory measures and expanded enforcement authorities.

Proactive measures and on-going issues

As the cryptocurrency environment evolves, governments and regulatory organizations around the world face the difficult issue of balancing technological innovation with investor protection. Because of the volatile nature of the crypto market, a proactive regulatory approach that responds to emerging threats and weaknesses is required. While cryptocurrency innovation is lauded for its potential to transform established financial systems, it also poses new risks, particularly in the form of unscrupulous individuals looking to exploit regulatory gaps.


To establish a thriving crypto environment that stimulates innovation while protecting investors’ interests, the correct balance must be struck. In the face of crypto fraud instances, the Hong Kong government’s willingness to cooperate and increase regulatory authorities reflects a recognition of the developing situation and the need for rapid, effective measures. It also emphasizes the significance of international collaboration among regulatory organizations in addressing the worldwide concerns posed by unauthorized and fraudulent crypto operations.

The recent Hounax and JPEX cases highlight the importance of comprehensive regulatory frameworks and stronger enforcement powers to protect investors in the fast changing cryptocurrency ecosystem. To maintain the integrity and stability of the cryptocurrency market, governments and regulators must remain watchful, respond quickly to emerging dangers, and develop international cooperation.CRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!

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