For AI and Job Matching, Elon Musk Wants X to Gather More of Your Data.

  • As of September 29, X’s revised privacy policy permits it to gather more user information, including employment history, education, talents, and biometrics.
  • According to X, this functionality will support brand-new capabilities including sharing profiles with potential employers and career recommendations.
  • The policy also makes clear that X plans to exploit user data for AI training and collect metadata from encrypted messages.

This week, X (formerly known as Twitter) changed its privacy policy and made another attempt to become a “everything app.”

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The policy, which takes effect on September 29, permits X to compile extensive information regarding users’ employment history, educational background, employment search activity, talents, and even biometric data. The billionaire from South Africa, Elon Musk, only completed his purchase of the business on October 27 of last year. This past July, Musk changed the name of the social networking site to X.

X Privacy Policy Receives a Major Update

According to X, it would utilize this information to share users’ profiles with potential employers and offer jobs to users. Another step in the direction of X becoming the “everything app” Musk envisions.

Additionally, X claims that it may use a variety of data it gathers, including data from open sources, to train machine learning and AI models. Privacy advocates contend individuals should have greater say over how their information is employed for these reasons, even if other significant tech companies like Google also use personal data for AI research.

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Unsettlingly, the revised policy also makes clear that X plans to compile information about its end-to-end encrypted direct messages. Information about a communication, including the sender, recipient, timestamp, and location, makes up message metadata. Secure messaging systems frequently require a certain amount of technical data collecting to operate successfully.

Users would benefit, though, if X provided more information about the particular kinds of message metadata it keeps and its intended uses.

In comparison to Twitter, Musk’s X requests significantly more expansive usage rights to user data. X can power new projects like job matching and AI development with the help of greater personal data collection, expanding its capabilities beyond social media platforms to become an all-in-one resource for communication, searching, banking, and other services.

Users of X Could Soon Send Cryptocurrency.

On August 28, earlier this week, Rhode Island granted X’s request for a license as a currency transmitter. Companies that handle user-related financial transactions, such as money transfers and crypto assets, must have this license.

Musk flatly denied, however, that his social media firm would introduce its own token at the beginning of August. The remarks followed a TwitterDAO pump-and-dump operation in which Musk swiftly denied any connections to the initiative. Musk stated in an X post that X had no plans to introduce a cryptocurrency and “we never will.”

Musk’s vision of an all-encompassing app is strongly influenced by WeChat, a well-liked Chinese social networking site. The app is the fifth-most used social app worldwide, yet it is seldom ever used outside of China. Personal chatting, group conversations, payments, and games are among its features. CRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!

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