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The Crypto Community Decries BlackRock’s $100M Fund in Light of Tornado Cash Transactions


BlackRock’s venture into Ethereum-based investment funds has triggered a meme-centricđź‘€ reaction within the crypto community, following closely after the investment giant’s successful introduction of a bitcoin ETF. This development signals BlackRock’s strategic pivot towards decentralized finance (DeFi), aligning with CEO Larry Fink’s belief in tokenization as the finance sector’s future. Nonetheless, the crypto community’s meme-laden response highlights the complexities involved in blending traditional financial mechanisms with the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

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Reaction to BlackRock’s BUIDL fund propelled by memes

Shortly after its launch, the recently created BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund (BUIDL), which was created in collaboration with Securitize, received an unexpected response. Memes and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were quickly sent to BlackRock’s Ethereum address by on-chain trolls.

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One user in particular made 36 tiny deposits, with gas fees ranging from $7 to $9 for each transaction. The user added a humorous allusion to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink by utilizing meme-filled transaction data, which elevated the trolling to a more satirical level.

Larry: “wait a minute- you’re telling me our fund already made $42K?? how can that be possible? we just deployed yesterday!”

Staffer: “well sir, it appears that big-dick-fink.eth and several others have been sending tokens to our wallet. i’m having accounting catalog it all now”

— DCinvestor (@iamDCinvestor) March 21, 2024

Participation of Tornado Cash

The address linked to BlackRock’s BUIDL fund was “tainted” with ETH from Tornado Cash, a cryptocurrency mixer approved by the US Treasury, which added yet another level of complexity. This development highlights the difficulties traditional financial institutions face in navigating interactions with decentralized protocols that are subject to regulatory scrutiny within the crypto ecosystem.


Unconventional tokens like PEPE, Mog Coin, and EGG were sent to BlackRock’s BUIDL address along with NFTs like GoblinTown and CryptoDickButt. Additionally, the address was given Ethereum that had been tainted by transactions from Tornado Cash, a cryptocurrency mixer that is being investigated for possible money laundering.

BlackRock’s involvement with cryptocurrencies is made more complicated by the connection to Tornado Cash, which also raises possible legal issues related to anonymous transactions.

Uncertainty in regulations and security concerns

Charles Wang, a crypto auditor, brought up security concerns about the fund’s contract, pointing out its unconfirmed implementation and straightforward ownership structure consisting of just one account. This configuration exposes the fund to potentially disastrous risks, particularly in the event that the private key of the external account is compromised.


Furthermore, BlackRock’s unintentional interaction with Tornado Cash has created regulatory ambiguity and raised concerns about compliance and ethical issues in the cryptocurrency space.

BlackRock is now in a risky situation as a result of the Tornado Cash transaction, underscoring the difficulties of doing business in a regulatory environment that is changing quickly. As governments across the globe step up their efforts to stop illegal cryptocurrency activity, businesses like BlackRock have to balance adhering to ethical standards with managing complicated compliance requirements.

Furthermore, the purported connection between Tornado Cash and North Korean hackers highlights the wider consequences of interacting with protocols associated with unlawful actions.

The fact that BlackRock is involved with the Tornado Cash protocol emphasizes the necessity of increased awareness and proactive risk management techniques in the cryptocurrency industry. Companies need to put transparency, accountability, and compliance first in order to reduce risks as regulatory scrutiny grows.

The incident should serve as a lesson for businesses considering DeFi and emphasizes the need for thorough due diligence when evaluating the risks involved in blockchain-based transactions.

The $100 million Ethereum fund managed by BlackRock has unintentionally drawn on-chain trolling, highlighting the difficulties and dangers associated with operating in the cryptocurrency space. Companies need to implement strong risk management strategies to protect themselves from potential hazards in their cryptocurrency dealings as long as regulatory obstacles exist.CRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!

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