Cat-Themed Memecoins Make Inroads on Their Dog-Themed Rivals

  • Memecoins with dog themes are incredibly popular.
  • Memecoins with a cat theme fall far short of their dog counterparts in every way.
  • A boom is anticipated for cat tokens.

The rise in popularity of dog-themed memecoins has captured the attention of the cryptocurrency community. Dogwifhat, the most recent breakout dog coin, has increased its valuation by $1 billion in the last week to move up the market cap rankings.

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This exponential increase emphasizes how different dog-themed coins are from their feline counterparts, which have not yet achieved the same degree of popularity and widespread acceptance. Many people are left wondering whether the cryptocurrencies with cat themes can ever match the outstanding accomplishments of their competitors.

Dog-Themed Memecoins Take the Lead

A startling difference in the market capitalization of tokens with cat and dog themes was found using data from CoinGecko. Dog-themed memecoins are over 60 times larger than their feline counterparts, with a valuation of $46.2 billion, compared to the $731.5 million total market cap of tokens with a cat theme.


There are indications that cat-themed memecoins are becoming more popular more quickly, even with the large difference. The category with a cat theme grew by an astounding 196% in the last seven days, surpassing the 70.2% growth noted in the dog-themed category.

This spike in demand indicates that investors looking for the next big thing in the quickly developing memecoin market might be paying attention to the coins with feline themes. It will be difficult to bridge the enormous gap between Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and the emerging Solana-based dog coins like Dogwifhat and Bonk. This is especially true given that there aren’t many well-known brands in the cat-themed industry.

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Two cat tokens, CateCoin and Cat Pay, were mentioned by a Reddit user in a post from ten months ago. The user, however, berated the projects’ inadequate marketing strategies and claimed that their Telegram channels prohibited users from making helpful recommendations. However, the lackluster popularity of cat tokens cannot be explained by these two instances alone.

“If none of these cat tokens take off, I’m done with cat tokens for good though, it may just be that cat people are not good investors overall,” declared the Redditor.

The price performance of tokens with a cat theme has been remarkable recently, despite the apparent lackluster community outreach and marketing of CateCoin and Cat Pay.


Cat Coins Increase

When examining the current market capitalization of memecoins with cat themes, Wen stands out as the biggest at $0.0003244, having experienced a remarkable 121% increase in the last seven days. Though notable, this growth is nothing in comparison to this week’s top gainers inspired by cats.

Taylor Swift’s Cat is at the top of the list of high flyers with a price of $0.003808 and a whopping 9,520% increase over the same period. Other noteworthy performers are BananaCat, up 601%, and Arab Cat, up 877%. Investors looking to jump on the next hot trend have definitely taken notice of these striking gains.

Biggest gainers in cat-themed memecoins category by CoinGecko 

Cat tokens, according to trader Solana Plays, will be the next industry to print enormous gains. In keeping with this way of thinking, he asked his followers to promote their favorite cat tokens.CRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!

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