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Apple’s Subtle Strategy: Launching Ferret, an Open-Source Multimodal Large Language Model


Key Points

  • In October of last year, researchers from Cornell University and Apple quietly released Ferret, an open-source multimodal big language model that attracted interest from the AI community.
  • Ferret shows off Apple’s surprising openness in the AI space by using photos as queries to analyze particular regions, identify elements, and answer to user inquiries.
  • The announcement signals a change in Apple’s strategy as the company struggles to compete with rivals because of infrastructure constraints, which forces it to choose between partnering with cloud providers or adopting an open-source strategy.

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Ferret was deceptively revealed to the world last October by Apple Inc. and academics at Cornell University, in a modest surprise that reverberated louder in the tech corridors than any well planned statement. Breaking Apple’s custom of secrecy, this multimodal, open-source large language model (LLM) is a major advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. Ferret, a silent debut on GitHub that uses photos as queries, has generated a lot of curiosity among researchers and enthusiasts for artificial intelligence.


Last October, researchers from Cornell University and Apple unveiled Ferret, an open-source multimodal large language model (LLM), amid the quiet hallways of innovation. Although it went unnoticed, this unexpected GitHub release has captured the interest of the AI community.

Ferret’s cunning approach

Ferret’s method is looking at certain areas of an image, picking out important components, and enclosing them in a bounding box. With the help of this creative method, users can employ those elements as queries, causing Ferret to react conventionally.

For instance, the model recognizes and reacts appropriately when a user highlights an animal image and asks Ferret what species it is. Ferret’s ability to respond in greater detail by utilizing the context of other image elements is one of its many multimodal features.

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According to insights offered by Apple AI research scientist Zhe Gan, the open-source Ferret model represents a big departure for Apple. It is described as having the ability to reference and make relationships among varied aspects at varying levels of granularity.

Given that the corporation is well-known for being secretive, it is considered remarkable that it would be prepared to share its breakthroughs in AI with the open-source community. Apple is now positioned to challenge industry assumptions and be a major participant in the multimodal AI sector thanks to this unprecedented openness.

Navigating the AI paradigm

With the introduction of Ferret, Apple has entered the open-source AI space and demonstrated a smart response to industry issues. According to tech blogger Ben Dickson, Apple’s limited processing power puts it up against fierce competition from rivals like Microsoft Corp. and Google LLC. Apple’s infrastructure is not set up to support large language models (LLMs) at scale, in contrast to models like ChatGPT.


Due to this situation, Apple is faced with two feasible choices at a crossroads. To improve its AI capabilities, the first entails establishing strategic alliances with cloud hyperscale providers. The second, as Ferret’s release suggests, is to adopt an open-source methodology similar to Meta Platforms Inc.’s approach. Apple’s decision to choose community sharing over collaboration is indicative of its determination to stay competitive in the quickly changing field of artificial intelligence.

Apple finds itself at a turning point that goes beyond simple technological advancement as Ferret stealthily paves uncharted ground in the field of multimodal artificial intelligence. The public publication of this amazing open-source project raises a complex query regarding Apple’s AI strategy going forward.

Will Ferret push Apple to the forefront of multimodal AI, breaking down barriers within the business and encouraging advancements in collaboration? Or does it signify a more significant change in the AI landscape, where major players in the sector strike a balance between their own expertise and group innovation? The lingering effects of Ferret’s covert entry raise questions about how Apple will play a changing role in influencing artificial intelligence in the future. The solution can be found at the nexus of technology, teamwork, and the dynamically changing AI story.CRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!

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