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Yuga Labs Responds to “Woke” Criticisms Regarding Black CryptoPunks


Yuga Labs abandons the CryptoPunks project in the face of criticism, igniting a discussion about artistic freedom and the necessity of diversity in the business.

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  • A CryptoPunks collection by Yuga Labs and artist Nina Chanel was just released.
  • The community has expressed disapproval of the project.
  • Yuga Labs has responded to the criticism by announcing that it will be abandoning the project.

The biggest NFT provider and creator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection, Yuga Labs, has frequently been in the news for provocative collections and sloppy portrayals, which have sparked criticism from the industry. Following a brief period of quiet, the NFT space giant is once more making headlines, but this time for all the wrong reasons.

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Yuga Labs’ CryptoPunks Collection Is “Woke”

Hybridized 3D sculptures aimed at blurring “the lines of race & gender” are part of Yuga Labs’ Punk in Residence collaboration with Nina Chanel. The Super Punk collection is described as “playful as it is profound.” The project, however, did not receive the positive reception that the company had anticipated and faced criticism from the community for being perceived as “woke.”


The collection was widely criticized for being unnecessary and inauthentic, and for being an attempt to profit commercially from current social movements.

Viktor Bunin, an X user, underlined that the project is best abandoned, reiterating the general industry opinion that it violates the spirit of the CryptoPunks collection and falls short of its intended goals. Some users questioned the artistic value of the arts and criticized them for being unappealing.


Yuga Labs has released a statement in reaction to the criticism.

CryptoPunks Drop by Yuga Labs Calms Community

Tuesday, May 21, saw Greg Solano, co-founder of Yuga Labs, tweeting again about the group’s goal to uphold the CryptoPunks legacy and emphasizing their intention to work with renowned artists such as Nina Chanel to create a bridge between web3 and the traditional art world.

The speaker declared, “We bought the collection a few years ago with the goal of maintaining its legacy.” Solano went one step farther and said, “Yuga will no longer touch punks,” in response to the criticism.

Regarding Nina’s artwork, the co-founder announced that it will be removed from the collection and might be given away in random airdrops to her supporters.

Our plan is to get Nina’s latest collection into the hands of those who have been supporting her work in this space by making it available only to SuperCoolWorld holders. Current thinking is via randomized airdrop,” added Solano.

Concerns concerning Yuga Labs’ dedication to diversity and inclusivity are raised by their response and decision to discontinue the collection. The firm’s eagerness to cancel the artist’s work and give in to the demands of a vocal minority within the community undermines the stated goals of a project that was intended to “blur the lines of race and gender.” Furthermore, although the project’s goal was to use artistic vision to subvert conventional norms and celebrate diversity, Yuga Labs’ decision to give in to pressure unintentionally supports the opinions of people who are opposed to advancement and social change.

This choice has a big influence on Nina Chanel, the project artist. She is the subject of controversy rather than being praised for her audacious and creative strategy, which is made worse by her partners’ lack of support. This emphasizes how important it is for well-known individuals like Yuga Labs to support diversity in the industry by taking more careful and nuanced approaches to contentious issues in art and culture.CRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!

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