XRPL Smart Contracts Platform Announces Hooks V3 Release, Teases Airdrop


Hooks v3 set to be latest ‘dress rehearsal’ before activation of XRPL smart contracts functionality on mainnet

Key Points

  • Evernode reveals Hooks v3, invites XRPL smart contract testers
  • Who is eligible for airdrop?

The team of Evernode, a second-layer decentralized permissionless platform on top of XRP Ledger, shared details of the next phase of smart contracts functionality testing. Also, it explains who might join the testing and who is eligible for rewards for Hooks v2 beta.

Evernode reveals Hooks v3, invites XRPL smart contract testers

According to an official announcement shared by the Evernode team, its platform is ready for the activation of Hooks v3, the latest iteration of XRPL smart contracts beta testing. Its users are invited to switch from Hooks v2 as the registration campaign for this stage will be sunset.

The registration for the third iteration of the testnet will be open in the next seven days. As such, users have enough time to reinstall the Evernode software and migrate to the new build.

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To run the software required for Hooks v3 testing with Evernode, crypto enthusiasts need a computer on Ubuntu 20.04 64 bit with at least 2 GB RAM and 4 GB free disk space.

The third phase of testing is of paramount importance for XRPL Hooks. While Hooks v2 testnet stress-tested the permissionless system, Hooks v3 is set to emulate mainnet performance.

Who is eligible for airdrop?

The Evernode team also shared the details of its airdrop campaign for the participants of the previous testnet iteration. The participants should preserve host addresses and secrets by activating special files.

The activation of Hooks, basic smart contracts for XRP Ledger, is among the most anticipated milestones for the XRP community. It will make XRPL a programmatic blockchain and give a significant boost to its DeFi ecosystem.

The mainnet activation of this crucial function is expected as soon as in Q3-Q4, 2023.

At the same time, necessary Web3 tooling is already available on XRP Ledger, including the likes of escrows, multi-sigs, NFTs and decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXes).CRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!
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