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What is augmented reality and why is it important for the Metaverse?


1- What is augmented reality used for?

Augmented reality can be used for a lot of different purposes. You can enrich daily activities or innovate your services as an entrepreneur. 

Augmented reality, or AR, is a technique that adds layers to the world as we are used to it. These layers could be visual, auditory and sensory information to intensify your experience. Companies use augmented reality techniques to promote their products, collect significant data and launch marketing campaigns. In everyday life, Pokémon Go is probably one of the best-known AR examples. 

Think about those really awesome sneakers you want to buy. Local shops don’t have the items you’re looking for, so you buy online. But, will they match your favorite outfit and will you still like them once they’re on your feet? With AR technology, you can try the sneakers on at home. Problem solved.

2- Augmented reality vs. virtual reality

Virtual reality is entirely virtual, whereas augmented reality uses a real-world context.

Both virtual and augmented reality are essential technologies to shape and access the Metaverse. Virtual reality, or VR, is an experience where you can replace current surroundings with a simulated environment. 

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AR is basically our everyday reality, but with an extra layer of information on top. A great augmented reality example is the tool from beauty brand L’Oréal that allows you to test different makeup types on your face. The important thing about AR is that almost anyone can experience it since all you need is a smartphone. The purpose of augmented reality is to magnify the value for its users, which we will now dive further into.

3- The role of augmented reality in the metaverse

AR and the Metaverse is like a good marriage. You can use them apart from each other, but they’re better together.

The Metaverse is a digital landscape that participants can use to build their own virtual environments. It’s a network of different virtual worlds that you can enter through by wearing VR goggles. But, here’s a question: Can you tell why augmented reality is important for the Metaverse? What is the role of AR in the Metaverse? 

Even though you can’t change the world you’re living in, augmented reality makes it possible to give your surroundings an extra dimension. By using images, sounds, texts or even GPS data, you can enrich the place you’re in. It is key that these elements are presented spatially to affect your depth perception.

The AR technique has a certain degree of power, convincing your brain that those elements really exist in your environment. And, that’s the moment your current world becomes a lot more interesting.

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So, for anyone wondering: Is the Metaverse the same as augmented reality? It isn’t. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the Metaverse is a type of “embodied internet.” “You can deliver it to your reality by using AR.”

4- The future of augmented reality

The future of AR is promising. It’s convenient and challenging for consumers and a new source of income for entrepreneurs.

Augmented reality is still fairly new at the moment, but it will reach maturity in the coming years. It’s an innovative technique that will also add value to everyday life. The global AR market is expected to grow in the coming years, with a projected market capitalization of close to $300 billion in value by 2024. 

Multiple brands are working on AR solutions for their customers. For example, Apple is developing an AR/VR headset. At first, the production date was pushed back from 2020 to 2022, but rumors suggest that they finished its key production tests.  Read More at CointelegraphCRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!

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