Unizen Plots Expansion Of CeDeFi After Securing $200M From Alternative Investment Group GEM


Unizen now has all the incentive it needs to further the cause of centralized-decentralized finance, having secured a $200 million funding commitment from the alternative investment group Global Emerging Markets.

Unlike traditional funding rounds that sees startups grab a huge mountain of cash to spend as they see fit, GEM provides a part of the funding upfront, with the rest to be unlocked later once certain criteria have been met. Without disclosing what these criteria are, Unizen said they are based on mutually agreed milestones and performance metrics that will unlock additional capital as it progresses on its mission to pioneer the future of the CeDeFi.


CeDeFi is a new kind of financial system that intends to bring the advantages of centralized, or traditional finance to decentralized applications. The goal is to make crypto assets more palatable to institutional investors, boosting blockchain adoption in traditional finance along the way.

This is what Unizen is doing with the Unizen Exchange, which is a unique platform that makes it simple for traders to find the most profitable swaps across centralized and decentralized exchanges, including Binance, PancakeSwap, UniSwap and other big names. Essentially, it provides a way for traders to swap tokens across all of these platforms, allowing them to find the most profitable trades through arbitrage with the lowest possible fees.

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One of the unique capabilities of Unizen Exchange is its dynamic multi-asset staking, which allows investors to provide liquidity and stake its native ZCX token and earn rewards in various different assets.

Unizen has an incubator arm too. Known as ZenX Labs, this is an initiative that aims to identify and support emerging decentralized apps within its ecosystem and help them into the big time.

GEM controls a $3.4 billion investment fund that’s focused on emerging markets, of which CeDeFi is certainly one. It said that by backing Unizen it will have a hand in a technology that has the potential to shape the future of finance. GEM fully believes that CeDeFi is poised to provide the combined compliance and innovation that the DeFI industry needs to grow.

GEM has had a taste of the blockchain industry before, committing to a $400 million investment in KaJ Labs, creator of the Lithosphere blockchain for AI and deep learning-powered apps, in May.

As GEM’s funding is unlocked, it will be used to improve Unizen’s current systems, bolster innovation, market the company’s products, grow its ecosystem and expand its teams, in line with its growth strategy.

“We are proud to welcome GEM to the Unizen Ecosystem as a potent and strategically aligned growth partner that can support the rapid expansion of the Unizen platform, brand and community,” said Unizen’s CEO Sean Noga. Read More at BITCOINISTCRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!

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