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UAE to Launch First Metaverse Hospital, Catering to Medical Tourism


UAE has announced the launch of the first hospital in the Metaverse, going live in October.

The medical Metaverse will be under the management of Thumbay Group. Healthcare provider Thumbay has already started work on the project. This will be a fully functional virtual hospital where patients can visit using avatars. They can also use avatars to interact with doctors.


Dr Thumbay Moideen is the founder and president of Thumbay Group. “We are already working on it and expect it to launch before October this year. This will be a complete virtual hospital where people will come with an avatar and consult with the doctor. To cater to medical tourism, we will allow patients to see what the hospital looks like in the metaverse if they travel and come to Thumbay healthcare facility.”

UAE and Medical Tourism

Thumbay Group offers augmented reality and virtual reality metaverse technologies to long-term care patients who have been hospitalized for at least six months, are bedridden or paralyzed.
The virtual hospital aims to help people in other ways too. For example, people with permanent disabilities.

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Thumbay said, “The hospital is giving them AR and VR headsets so that they can see their homes. For example, a Sri Lankan person has been with us for a long period of time who was paralyzed after a car accident and all of his sensory motions are gone but only his brain is functioning. He can experience and virtually visit his room in Sri Lanka through AR and VAR technology. This motivates long-term care patients and gives them hope that they can go back to their country.”

The World’s First Medical Metaverse

Last January, the world’s first customer service center with Metaverse technologies was launched in Dubai, by the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection (MOHAP).

This center is also designed to meet the requirements of customers in 3D spaces in an easy way. All while providing them with an interactive and digitally immersive sensory experience.

Patients have the option to quickly jump into the world of MetaHealth and chat with a real person from the Customer Satisfaction Center.

As for the staff, the UAE healthcare organisation has hired a company to train all of its doctors on how to deal with patients at Metaverse.

Remote Consultation Fee

Regarding fees, Thumbay said a decision had not yet been made, but would likely be in line with the teleconsultation fee charged by the healthcare operator. The Vice President of Thumbay Group revealed that the group integrates artificial intelligence into the hospital system, where the cameras will detect the patient’s car number plate and then his face when entering the hospital.

When the patient arrives at the reception, their file will already be open and waiting for them.
If the patient goes to the pharmacy, the cameras will recognize their face and the system will show the pharmacist that the patient has come to take their medication. Read More at BEINCRYPTOCRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!

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