Tether Introduces its Own Gold-Backed Synthetic Dollar

  • Alloy by Tether, a new asset backed by Tether Gold that combines the dependability of gold with a stable digital currency, has been introduced by Tether.
  • Tether’s Alloy offers aUSD₴, a digital currency that is linked to the US dollar and is heavily backed by real gold held in Switzerland.
  • By using Tether Gold as collateral and managing it with transparent, Ethereum-compatible smart contracts, users can create USD₮.

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The leading stablecoin Tether has declared the release of Alloy, a synthetic currency of its own. The purpose of this new asset, which is backed by Tether Gold, is to combine the stability of a reliable unit of account with the dependability of gold to stabilize the digital economy.

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Alloy by Tether unveils a new class of digital assets known as tethered assets. These assets are designed to mirror the value of reference assets, maintaining consistent value through methods such as over-collateralization with liquid assets and secondary market liquidity pools. Tether claims this approach ensures stability and value parity between the reference asset and its digital equivalent.


Functions of Tether’s Alloy

Tether’s first token, aUSD₰, is a digital money that is equivalent to one US dollar in value. The over-collateralization of aUSD₮ by Tether Gold (XAU₮) distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies since it is backed by actual physical gold that is safely kept in Switzerland. Tether Gold can be used as collateral by users to create aUSDTM tokens. This saves users from having to liquidate their gold holdings in order to participate in digital transactions, payments, and remittances using a currency as well-known as the US dollar.

By depositing Tether Gold as collateral, users can manufacture USD₮ on the Ethereum Mainnet, where the system functions. This procedure is managed via Ethereum-compatible smart contracts, which guarantee security and transparency. These contracts use Price Oracles to continuously assess the mint-to-value (MTV) ratio while keeping track of all collateral and issued tokens. The stability and dependability of the value of aUSD₴ are ensured by this configuration.


According to Tether, Alloy is an open platform that enables the development of diverse tethered assets with varied backing systems. This contains items with the potential to yield, providing institutions with a contemporary method of asset management. Alloy is issued and overseen by Moon Gold NA, S.A. de C.V. and Moon Gold El Salvador, S.A. de C.V., who are approved by the CNAD in El Salvador and who meet all consumer and regulatory standards.

Tether Alloy-Asset Fiduciary Functionality

The purpose of tethered assets, such as aUSD₮, is to follow the value of a certain reference asset, such the US Dollar. They employ tactics like excessive collateralization and the assistance of secondary market liquidity pools to accomplish this. These techniques guarantee that the tethered asset’s value stays stable and in the neighborhood of its reference asset.

One essential safety aspect in the world of tethered assets is over-collateralization. In order for it to function, more value must be locked up than can be created in digital currency. For instance, customers are required to deposit more money as security (such as Tether Gold) than they would like to make in digital currency. This additional collateral serves as a safety net, cushioning any drops in the collateral asset’s value.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Alloy by Tether, introducing a class of digital assets backed by gold and tethered to a reference fiat currency,” said Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, expressing his excitement for this new endeavor. Though the stabilizing process differs from more conventional solutions such as USD€, this novel solution represents a significant advancement, and we anxiously look forward to its interactions with the market.CRYPTOCASTER® - DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM!


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