BIG Ideas For 2023: Ark Invest’s EPIC Report!


Risks of Investing in Innovation

Companies that ARK believes are capitalizing on disruptive innovation and developing technologies to displace older technologies or create new markets may not in fact do so. ARK aims to educate investors and seeks to size the potential investment opportunity, noting that risks and uncertainties may impact our projections and research models. Investors should use the content presented for informational purposes only, and be aware of market risk, disruptive innovation risk, regulatory risk, and risks related to certain innovation areas.

Innovation Is Taking Off

ARK aims to deliver long-term capital appreciation by investing in the leaders,
enablers, and beneficiaries of disruptive innovation. We believe every investor
should have a strategic allocation to innovation, not only to access potential
exponential growth opportunities typically absent from broad-based indices, but
also to hedge against the increasing risk that incumbents will be disrupted.

To enlighten investors on the long-term impact of innovation, we began publishing
Big Ideas in 2017. This annual research report seeks to highlight the technological breakthroughs evolving today and creating the potential for super-exponential growth tomorrow.

We believe that innovation is taking off now, corroborating our original research
and boosting our confidence that ARK’s strategies are on the right side of change.

Technological Convergence

Creating The Potential For Super-Exponential Growth

According to ARK’s research, five innovation platforms are converging
to create unprecedented growth trajectories.

Artificial Intelligence is the most important catalyst, its velocity
cascading through all other technologies.

The market value of disruptive innovation platforms could scale 40%
at an annual rate during this business cycle, from $13 trillion today to
$200 trillion by 2030.

In 2030, the market value associated with disruptive innovation could
account for the majority of the global equity market capitalization

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